Central Air Conditioning Repair

Your central air conditioning system is what cools your entire home, so when it breaks, inside temperatures can quickly rise. Stay cool both physically and mentally by getting central air conditioning repair in Chandler, AZ from the certified technicians at ASAP Plumbing. Call us today at 480-809-9108 to schedule an appointment.

Is Your Central Air Conditioning Not Working?

Your central air conditioner is a complex system full of many parts that could break down. Identifying what part is malfunctioning could tell you what kind of repair and cost you are looking at. Common central air conditioning repairs are:

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Air condenser not running: This could be from a blown fuse or circuit breaker. If it’s not a power issue, it could be that your thermostat is not set properly and is not triggering your air condenser to kick on.

Dirty condenser: A dirty condenser can lead to blockage, causing your A/C unit to not blow cool air even when it is running. If blocked by outside sources like weeds, remove them, but if it is caused by refrigerant buildup or grime, call a professional for cleaning.

Dirty evaporator coil: Cleaning the entire A/C unit can remove buildup, helping to blow cooler air and prevent automatic shut-off from ice impeding the compressor.

Broken fan: If the fan is not working, it cannot circulate the air into the duct system.

Blocked drainage tube: A blocked drainage tube can lead to leaks around your HVAC unit. If not treated, it can lead to mold and mildew. If the leaking fluid is refrigerant, the chemical is hazardous and needs immediate maintenance.

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While changing inside air conditioning filters may be easy enough for homeowners to do by themselves, the outside A/C unit can seem a bit more complex. If you need any central air conditioning repair services in Chandler, AZ, call ASAP Plumbing at 480-809-9108 today. Our qualified technicians know the ins and outs of HVAC units and will be able to identify and solve your air conditioner troubleshooting problems that day.