Rooftop HVAC

Popular among commercial properties, a rooftop HVAC system has many benefits. A regular air conditioning unit typically has a unit inside for heating, like a furnace or water heater, and a large outdoor unit outside for cooling, which is the air conditioner. In a rooftop HVAC unit, both the heating and cooling units are combined into one convenient system and placed on the roof of a business or residence. If you would like to have rooftop HVAC installation in Chandler, AZ, contact ASAP Plumbing at 480-809-9108 today.

Benefits of a Rooftop HVAC System

All-in-One System

A Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit Is A Great Choice For Commercial Properties

Since the rooftop HVAC system comes as a non-split component system, meaning that the heating and cooling units are built together, this saves you money and time in having to only install one unit instead of two.

Energy Efficient

Hot air rises, so having a rooftop HVAC unit will cause all the warm air to go to the top of the building, leaving only the desired cool air on the lower levels where it is wanted. This helps to make the rooftop HVAC unit’s fan not have to work so hard to push cold air to the building as science has already done it naturally. If your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard, that means that your energy bill will be lower, saving you money.

Unit is More Secure

With your air conditioning unit on top of your roof, this helps protect your unit from vandalism and part theft. It also prevents critters and insects from chewing or dirtying up the machinery.


When A/C units are on the ground, you can often hear them running, or turning on and off. This can be distracting or a nuisance, especially in a commercial business setting. By having the HVAC on the roof, it eliminates noise pollution the air conditioner might make.

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A rooftop unit is the most popular choice for commercial buildings due to its convenience and benefits. If you would like to get a rooftop HVAC unit for your commercial property in Chandler, AZ, contact ASAP Plumbing at 480-809-9108 today.