Garbage Disposal Repair

The installation of a new garbage disposal will benefit any home’s kitchen and is an essential appliance. With its powerful and sharp blades, a garbage disposal helps to dispose of waste that otherwise might create clogs or other issues in your plumbing system. However, your garbage disposal is not unbreakable. If you need garbage disposal repair, contact the pros at  ASAP Plumbing. For over 15 years, our team of expert technicians have been serving the community with quality garbage disposal repair in Chandler, AZ. Call us now at 480-809-9108 for reliable, quality garbage disposal repair and installation.

Things You Should Not Put Down a Garbage Disposal

Generally garbage disposals do not require too much maintenance. However, when a damaged or obstructed garbage disposal occurs, it can result in foul smelling odors, unclean conditions, and can become a true safety hazard. To keep your garbage disposal clean and in good condition, it is important you avoid placing certain items down the disposal.

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Fibrous Foods

Certain fibrous foods should never be placed down the garbage disposal. These foods can get tangled around the disposal’s teeth and can burn out your motor. Foods such as asparagus, onion skins, celery, lettuce, carrots and corn husks should not be placed in your garbage disposal.

Starchy Foods

Starchy foods can become an issue for your garbage disposal. As they expand and take in water, they quickly transform into a hardened paste that can hinder your garbage disposal from operating at peak performance. Foods such as potatoes, pasta and beans should not be put down the garbage sink disposal.

Oils, Grease and Egg Shells

Oil and grease can create issues and problems for your garbage disposal by collecting in your pipes and plumbing, resulting in clogs. They also can hinder the performance of your garbage disposal’s teeth because they leave a thick coating on the blades which render them less effective. Egg shells can also create trouble contrary to their rumored beneficial purposes. Once they are ground up, egg shells can collect within the walls of your pipes, and over time creating a clog within your plumbing system.

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