Servicing a Clogged Bathtub in Chandler, AZ

Have you ever handled a clog in your tub’s drain pipe? Bathtub clogs are extremely common in households across the nation. However, it is less common for homeowners to know how to fix or avoid these clogs. Call us at 480-809-9108 today if you are in need of budget-friendly repairs for a clogged bathtub in Chandler, AZ!

Clogged Bathtub Repair

Leave it to the Professionals When it Comes to Unclogging Your Bathtub Drain

No matter how bad a clogged bathtub drain may seem from above, any size of clog should be addressed immediately. Many people regard clogs as nothing but a small annoyance, but the reality is that the problems they they can cause is severe and costly to repair. If your tub drain is getting clogged often, it could be created by an overabundance of hairs, oils, and soap scum building up in the plumbing. Flowing water continues to attach debris to a clog over time, until it gets big enough to prevent water from flowing any longer. Once the clog becomes that bad, it can easily burst your pipe! New clogs are easy and inexpensive to fix, but after the pipe bursts, the repairs become more difficult, as well as more expensive. For that reason, you should definitely contact a specialist at the earliest sign of a bathtub clog. Our plumbers at ASAP Plumbing are perfectly happy to help repair your clogged bathtub along with any other clogged drains in your house.

Bathtub Clogs

As a broad rule, it’s not a smart idea to try to cleanse your own pipes, but you can take actions to prevent clogs from happening. Installing a mesh filter on top of the drain is a smart way to keep hair or other large debris from flowing down the drain to begin with. While many people think of the do-it-yourself clog fixes as a good idea, they’re actually inefficient and detrimental in the long run. Chemical drain cleaners can strip the finish off of porcelain or tiles, and leave the majority of the clog still in your drain, be corrosive to the sheen on your tub, or even harm your plumbing, while not even fixing the clog! In the hands of the inexperienced, even a plunger can transform a clog into a burst pipe, which is why it’s best to count on the professionals. Contact our professional plumbers today at 480-809-9108 to get started with your affordable cleaning or repair for a clogged bathtub in Chandler, AZ!