Clogged Shower Drain Service in Chandler, AZ

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Nearly every homeowner has been in a situation where the shower seems to drain more slowly, or even ceases draining altogether. Though a surprising number of people think that a clogged shower will fix itself in time, this is simply not the case. Actually, shower clogs will get steadily worse, and might even cause a pipe to break. If you’re worried about a clogged shower drain in Chandler, AZ, rely on the professionals at ASAP Plumbing! Schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians now by giving our office a call at 480-809-9108.

Cleaning A Clogged Shower Drain

In the beginning, a slight slowing of how quickly your shower drains water isn’t the worst thing you have to worry about. After a short time though, serious problems will start to show throughout your pipe system. In fact, even a small and early clog can create an issue for your plumbing. Typically created by a gathering of hair, soap scum, and oil, even the smallest clog is a great breeding ground for bacteria in the drain. Clogs like this eventually start to gather odors as well, and can enable mildew and mold to grow. It isn’t until the clog is far larger that it actually starts to impede the flow of water. As a general rule, taking a shower in old, stagnant water is fairly unpleasant. The weight of water that can’t drain creates pressure in the piping, and when that pressure is too great, the pipe will break. For this reason, it’s incredibly essential that you deal with any clogs sooner rather than later.

Shower Drain Clogs

The longer that a problem is left alone, the worse as well as more costly to repair it will get, so speedy repairs are essential. If your home has a clogged shower drain, get it fixed before it becomes an emergency. Whether you need help fixing a very small drain or a very big one, we possess the tools and expertise you need, like using hydro jetting to blast away big, stubborn clogs, or snaking out buildup deep within your pipes. Our team is even very experienced in repairing damaged sewer lines. When you require a specialist to clean your clogged shower drain in Chandler, AZ, contact us at 480-809-9108 to get started.