Grinder Pump Services

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Your grinder pump provides a safe way for your wastewater to leave your home. When your grinder pump isn’t working properly, your whole family may be at risk of getting sick. Our experts will keep you’re your grinder pump working like it should. Call the ASAP Plumbing professionals now at 480-809-9108 if you’re looking for grinder pump repair, replacement, or installation in Chandler, AZ.

What is a Grinder Pump?

Most times, homes are constructed at a higher position than the city’s main sewer lines so that used water can flow downhill. However, some homes are constructed below the main sewer pipeline, so these systems use a pump to push the wastewater uphill to the main sewer line. These pumps are called grinder pumps, and can also be found in homes that are deep in the country away from city sewers. Grinder pumps tear down sewage and push the wastewater upward to join with the city’s main sewer line. These pump systems activate when they reach a predetermined capacity to crush and reduce your waste matter to ensure it travels to the main sewer line with no clogging. These efficient pumps create a safe, easy to use system for ridding your home of waste. Call 480-809-9108 and discover how grinder pump repair will help your Chandler, AZ plumbing system work more efficiently.

Common Grinder Pump Repair Problems

Grinder pumps are designed to stand up to heavy use with no loss of performance. But through the years, your pump system may lose power and require repair or replacement to eliminate backups and other problems in your home. The biggest problem when this occurs is the buildup of waste and sewage throughout your lines that can lead to backup in your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Ineffectively ground debris caused by worn out or damaged grinder pumps can also cause backups in your sewer lines themselves, causing the need for costly repair needs. If your sewer line does get a clog from a broken grinder pump, we offer sewer drain cleaning and hydro jetting services to clear away the blockage. When you’re looking for effective grinder pump repair service around Chandler, AZ, call our technicians at 480-809-9108. Your Chandler, AZ home’s grinder pump makes sure that your sewer system is always flowing optimally. Keep your system working at its best with effective service from the ASAP Plumbing experts.