Sewer and Drain Service

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When ordinary clogs get involved in your sewage system, it can be a nightmare. Problems like underground sewer seepage into your home’s yard caused by a burst pipe, or a clogged sewer line causing backflow to come up inside your sink are common issues that no homeowner wants to think about. If this happens to you, it can be overwhelming, and we understand. So leave it to the expertly trained professionals at  ASAP Plumbing whenever you require sewer and drain services. We have decades of experience in the plumbing industry and have handled all sorts of drains and clogs. If you need sewer and drain service in Chandler, AZ, contact us now at 480-809-9108.

Do You Need Sewer and Drain Service?

Leaks Underground: Sewage Waste can seep under your home’s yard if a sewer pipe bursts it can create a foul smelling calamity.

Water Backflow: If your water and sewer lines intersect, it can cause backflow. Backflow is detectable if you see brown water coming out of your faucet. Do not drink this water as we do not recommend it, instead call us immediately for prompt sewer and drain repair.

Sewage Pump Repair: If your sewage ejector pump breaks down, it can spell havoc for your home. The sewage ejector pump sends waste into the city’s sewage lines and if it is not working you can experience a backflow problem.

Clogged Sewer Drain: Clogged drains can occur anywhere, from the toilet to the kitchen sink, clogged drains cause serious damage to the sewer and drain system. Avoid putting fibrous foods into the garbage disposal and be sure to clear any hair or other product waste from the shower drain to help keep your drain system in top condition.

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Your home’s sewage and drain system is a complex maze of pipes and pumps, which serves to expel and get rid of waste into the city’s sewer lines. Do not have sub-par contractors service your sewage system or try doing it yourself. Instead, call the pros at  ASAP Plumbing to get the job done. A lot of people do not pay any attention to their sewer and drain system until it clogs or breaks down. If this happens to you, call the plumbing experts at  ASAP Plumbing to repair any sewer piping damage. We serve the Chandler, AZ community and provide quality sewer and drain service you can rely on. Call us now at 480-809-9108 to schedule a sewer and drain inspection appointment today!