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Have you had to repair a leaking pipe more than once in the past few months? If your home’s pipes are leaking more frequently throughout your house, it might be time to look into repiping. When you require affordable repiping in Chandler, AZ, you can rely on the professionals at ASAP Plumbing! We offer free estimates and a 25-year warranty on repiping services for your home or business. For an inspection and an estimate, call our professional plumbers today at 480-809-9108!

The Problem with Polybutylene

If your home or business was built in the late 70’s to mid 90’s, your plumbing pipes are probably made out of polybutylene. Polybutylene is made of plastic resin, which costs a lot less than traditional piping materials like CPVC, copper, and plastic. Because of how inexpensive and easy it was to install, many homes during that time were built with polybutylene. The problem is, polybutylene is they deteriorate really easily and they are toxic. The reason that they begin to deteriorate is that oxidants like chlorine that are commonly found in the water cause the polybutylene pipe to flake, which makes the pipes fragile and more susceptible to breaking.

A lot of homeowners and business owners in the area have polybutylene piping and at ASAP Plumbing we want to help them get safer and more affordable repiping in Chandler, AZ! We use PEX piping, which is lead-free, resistant to corrosion, and flexible. If you would like to learn more or to get rid of your polybutylene piping, call us at 480-809-9108!

We Don’t Use CPVC

In addition to not using polybutylene repiping, we also do not use CPVC piping to repipe your home or business. This is because CPVC gets brittle and cracks and breaks and the glue joints continue to deteriorate through the pipe and go bad. This has a lot to do with chlorine that is present in the water, as well as the pipes heating up when they expand. With CPVC, this is a very common thing. CPVC is one we see on a regular basis. The manufacturer even cut CPVC’s warranty from 25 years down to 10, and that only covers the pipes, not any water damage. Some of the problems with CPVC piping include

  • Turning off the valve by the toilet and having it snap off in the wall
  • Mopping your floor and hitting the connection, causing it to snap.

PEX pipes cost a little bit more than CVPC, but they have a 25-year warranty. And unlike CPVC, if there is a leak, PEX’s warranty covers the damage to your home so you don’t have to go through your homeowner’s insurance. To find out more about this affordable repiping in Chandler, AZ call us today!

Replace Your Home’s Aging Pipes

Repiping Services

If You Need Affordable Repiping, Call Our Trustworthy Plumbers

Though you will typically find failing pipes in older homes rather than newer ones, you may be surprised to learn that newer homes aren't immune to failing pipes. Heavy mineral content, along with issues like improper pressure settings can spark premature failure of you home's piping. When you have your pipes inspected, you can count on your plumber to completely assess your pipes for signs of corrosion, as well as other damages, before deciding if repiping is the opimal option for your house. Rust contamination is a major concern with aging piping, along with severe leaks. In the event that your pipes are showing these signs currently, make sure to call one of our plumbers right away for assistance.

Repiping Plumbers You Can Trust

Repiping a home is a tricky as well as the complex procedure that should only be performed by expert plumbers. For effective and affordable repiping services, contact the expert plumbers at ASAP Plumbing! The cost of the repiping project will change depending on the materials you choose, but we use PEX piping materials. We never use polybutylene or CPVC piping. Due to the major investment of a repiping project, it is critical that you hire a technician that only offers repiping as a final resort. If another contractor is offering repiping as the first repair option, they are scamming you into a costly and time-consuming repair job. Here at ASAP Plumbing, we only recommend repiping as a last resort, when after looking at the state of multiple of your pipes, seeing that replacing them all would be a more affordable investment for you in the long run than having to constantly maintain individual leaks. Prior to recommending repiping, our plumbers make time to explore your other options, such as joint replacement or pipe repair. Contact our expert technicians at 480-809-9108 now to schedule your affordable repiping in Chandler, AZ!