Expert Electric Water Heater Replacement

Do you need electric water heater installation for your home? Electric heaters are becoming more common throughout suburban homes, and provide clients with a variety of advantages. If you want to request a quote, schedule a consultation, or learn more, give us a call today at 480-809-9108! The ASAP Plumbing team can provide your Chandler, AZ home with electric water heater replacement that’s fast and affordable.

Electric Water Heater Benefits

We Provide Electric Water Heater Installation or Repairs

Electric water heaters are the most common type of water heater and comes with a multitude of advantages that are only increasing as technology becomes more innovative. Electric water heaters are safer than gas models, and can save you money in the long run, even with a higher initial expense. They can come in both tank and tankless forms and with many add-ons like heat or recirculating pumps, or high recovery water heaters to get hotter water even faster. Electric tank water heaters provide more energy efficiency than their gas counterparts by delivering quicker and hotter capabilities. Electric tank water heaters also hold more water and the electric coils keep water hot constantly so there is always warm water available. Tankless water heaters deliver the added advantage of operating only while being used and immediately heating the water. Because they have fewer parts inside that can break down, electrical heaters are more durable and can last longer than gas versions. However, if you do find yourself in need of electric water heater repair in Chandler, AZ, completion is typically simple and cost-effective. Learn more about electric water heaters and their advantages by calling 480-809-9108.

Electric Water Heater Specialists

If you need water heater repair or replacement, you can count on the skills and know-how of the ASAP Plumbing professionals. We have years of experience, and we are able to service and inspect water heaters of all types. Our team can also help you choose and install new electric water heaters, whether you want to upgrade to a current electric model, or simply get rid of your gas heater. Learn more about electric water heater replacement or repair in Chandler, AZ, or schedule your service when you call 480-809-9108 today.